The Team

From extract brewing in our garage to a large commercial setup, as a father and son we have been brewing beer in one way  or another for the better part of 15 years. Our bond has been strengthened by our mutual passion and the love of good quality Australian beer and our fury beer is no exception.
So why are we called 'Fury and Son'? Well if you are brave enough you can ask Reno when you see him!

Andrew Georgiou

After 13 years as a pharmacist, Andrew decided a change was necessary. He hung up his lab coat in exchange for a high-vis shirt.

"Brewing has always been my passion, whether its brewing in my garage, or volunteering my time in large commercial breweries, its what I've loved doing. After months of contemplation, Reno and I finally decided that we were ready to take our small setup to the next level and as such Fury and Son was Born."

For Andrew, beer is a way that people connect, its a forum of showcasing what Australian produce is capable of and a form of individual expression. In his own words, "brewing is, above all, about being proud of what we do, who we are and why we do it - we stand for small independent business and nourishing the industry we love so much."

Reno Georgiou

A man of few words and quick to anger, "Fury" by name and most certainly by nature. 30 years in the manufacturing business has taught Reno that losing your cool usually gets things done!

"I love all beers, I love the experimentation of flavours and I love trying something new," he says. Having previously pressed his own olive oil for 10 years, beer was the next frontier for Reno and one he took to with passion and dedication.

He's a regular face in the brewery and one who comes with years of experience and advice.

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